Ximo Health Review, The Truth On Ximo Health You Need To Know

Ximo Health relaunch is aimed to further strengthen their network marketing business model. There’s a probability that you’re reading this review in search of facts before becoming a Ximo Health distributor. Why not read this whole review to safeguard yourself before making any decision.

There would be four components to this assessment, one being the company and management, the compensation structure, their market potential as well as the big question whether they have at your interests at heart.

The Management

On November 1st 2010, the company was taken over by the new owner and CEO, Erik Laver. Being no stranger to the industry, Erik Laver started his career in network marketing in 1992 with E’OLA, a nutritional company outside St. George, Utah. Between then to 2003, he grew more than half a million distributors in his organization whose sales recorded between 25-50 million annually. A remarkable feat by any standards.

He successfully transitioned to be at the helm of a company by co-founding a successful network marketing company, SendOutCards in 2003. Amongst his most notable accomplishments was by being voted finalist for Earst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 and listed the company to number 158 in the Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies by Inc. Magazine that same year.

Positioning themselves in the wellness industry, their new direction would involve introduction of new products and improved packaging for their signature product, Ximo Gold Energy drink.

Marketing Potential

Currently, Ximo Health markets their signature health drink, Ximo Golden Energy. A drink providing focused energy and possible weight loss for their customers. What’s great about Ximo Golden Energy is its propriety 2-step process, which effectively releasing the natural goodness of their key ingredients, Green Tea and Ephedra.

With these beneficial natural ingredients, it is reported to be a powerful anti-oxidant, helps combat free-radicals, lowers blood pressure as well as cholesterol and also strengthens the immune system. Most importantly, the drink is functional and helps create energy and reduce weight in a natural process.

Having mentioned that, caffeine is the natural catalyst to its active ingredients so ladies planning to be pregnant, those pregnant and nursing are advised to refrain from drinking it.

With this outlook, Ximo Health certainly have captured the interests of the marketplace, who are mainly from wellness and weight loss segment. A realistic product that would create a buzz for its function and simplicity.

The Compensation Structure

Why don’t we get into the most rewarding detail. Their distributor’s compensation. Ximo Health unilevel compensation plan allows you to make 4 different ways of income, and they are paid on various times of every month.

Joining as a distributor is by an initial order of products and maintaining monthly autoships. The first income, Retail Income, would allow you to make immediate commissions when you sell products. Another way to get paid is by their Great Start Bonus, which as the name imply, could be earned by sponsoring people. This will be at 35% commissions on initial purchase for people you directly sponsor, and 15% from the people they sponsor.

The third income, is from the unilevel commissions where it is determined by autoship signups, from onwards to 8 levels determined by your rank. It is good to note that if there would be and inactive person, the line compresses and at any time, the income is based on 8 levels of active members.

And lastly, you could also be eligible for their Global Bonus Pool, a leadership bonus based on the entire company’s sale, which is up to 3% of global sales volume.
As a matter of fact, their compensation plan seems to be very generous given to the right person.

To Summarize

In conclusion, there’s no denying that Ximo Health is a good company. The leadership is a proven corporate ace with in-depth industry experience. The product seems is positioned well within market demand and a fairly generous compensation plan. In my opinion, they provide a good foundation to start a rewarding career in network marketing. However, it’s worth mentioning that even with these factors available, it’s not enough to succeed.

Although it’s clear having a credible company is crucial to your business, at the end of the day, your success in Ximo Health relies heavily on your ability to sponsor new people, retailing products to customers and building a productive team.

The success components to accomplish these are by having the ability to market and generate leads of prospects. My recommendation is for you to use a proven Attraction Marketing system which will allow you to brand yourself, generate leads, make money even when people don’t join your business and sponsor people on the back-end.

If you’re able to incorporate personal branding with online attraction marketing, at the same time having a solid offline system, your Ximo Health’s success is almost a *solid* guarantee.

Source by Syazril Izmal