The Latest Trends in Casual Decor

There are so many options for decorating in our modern world that anyone can recreate almost any fantasy residence. There was a time when traditional American décor became contemporary. The sixties marched in a flair for color, shape and whimsical design. Each decade thereafter brought with it, new ideas for decorating your home. Today's style highlights fusion. Any idea can be expressed with the evolution of the Internet.

Interior Trends

Some of the interior decorating trends of today allow for any imagination. If you want a style of furniture from another country, you can have that style imported from that country if it is not available in the US. The US is the melting pot of many cultures, but some of the most popular styles of 2008 include:

* Tuscany style kitchens and sunrooms
* Retro 70's furniture
* Bold colors / different colors in diff rooms
* Themed décor
* Painted wall patterns
* Bringing outdoor elements inside
* Murals
* Eclectic lighting

Although there are some who stick to the traditional and classic styles, there are those who like giving their homes a trendy flair. Tuscany style kitchens and sunrooms include tapestry fabrics and circular tables and chairs. This Italian style is great for sunny areas like kitchens and sunrooms. People are no longer afraid to use bold colors throughout the house as opposed to one color neutral color throughout.

Painters tape is a do it yourselfer's dream. You can not go wrong with this stuff if you want to create angles and patterns. Now wherever flat or enamel paint is preferred, people are taking a favorite item to the home improvement store and having the color matched. If you know a talented artist, murals are the way to go, especially in the kid's room, where kids are inspired to use their imaginations.

Although people have been growing plants indoors for centuries, more innovative ways of bringing the outdoors in are being developed. Green living is the ultimate aspiration for some.

Exterior Trends

Where exterior decorating is concerned, people want outdoor ambiance. Some of the things that create that desired ambiance today include:

* Fire pits
* Koi ponds
* Gazebos
* Yard ornaments and statues
* Creative water fountains
* Hot tubs

Even stepping stones and other decorative stones are popular ways of decorating yards today. People are more willing to invest in an outdoor oasis where they can entertain or just enjoy a breakfast alone with nature.

The most popular outdoor furnishings include swings, umbrella tables and chairs, Adirondack chairs and seating, hammocks, and wrought iron seating. Cushions are often purchased to accent furniture where none are included like wrought iron or wicker chairs.

Lighting brings it all together wherever inside or out the proper lighting with eccentric lamps, recessed lighting or wall sconces for the inside. Solar lighting for walkways and driveways save energy. There are solar yard ornaments like frogs and butterflies that light up and strings of lighting to supplement torch lighting and citronella candles. Whatever you do to create you own style a little trendy décor will go a long way.

Source by Don Jacobson