Acupuncture and Children's Health

Can Acupuncture be a benefit to your child's health?

Parents all want their children to be healthy and happy. Have you ever thought that acupuncture could have been a wonderful way to look after your child's health! Acupuncture can provide preventive treatment, in addition to being a technique to cure various symptoms. Some acupuncture professionals in China are paid only while their clients remain healthy, and have to provide free treatment when they are not!

Are children actually acupuncture clients? Definitely! Many children find acupuncture treatments very easy and often enjoyable. In particular the younger ones. This is because acupuncture needles are not painful, and youngger children do not have the preconceived association of pain that adults have. Children are also more aware of their bodies. They can feel themselves getting better quite quickly. Their energy and vitality improves and this is often more clear with children.

What is the treatment for children?

What are the differences for acupuncture treatment with children? The general treatment is similar to that for adults. The time for treatment and positions of the needles remain the same. The depth that needles are inserted will vary depending on the treatment. These depths can be anything from just under the skin up to a maximum of a few inches. But the needle insertion itself does not hurt. Once the needle is in, it is not felt at all without it is moved. Children normally require fewer needles and few treatments as their very active bodies respond more to less stimulation. Acupuncture treatments for children typically show more quicker results.

The goal of acupuncture is to achieve harmony in the whole person. This includes physical, emotional, mental and social. When you take your child to an acupuncturist, he will use a number of different ways to diagnose. Observation of physical signs such as the pulse and the condition of the tongue are but the beginning. He will take behavioral symptoms such as aggression, anger and depression into account. And in addition the time of the year. The child will benefit from this and it will also bring about a better situation for the family.

Children can visit an acupuncturist to maintain their health and for behavioral problems. Bed-wetting is a very common problem that will respond well to some acupuncture treatment. The problem will quite often disappear with only one treatment for some children, other children may require a few more visits. Parents will often refer negative emotions and think it is due to bed-wetting. But parents have reported that these emotions have appeared some weeks before the bed-wetting commenced. There is often a connection but it does not necessarily mean that after bed-wetting the bad emotion appears.

Use your Acupuncturist for all your child's health issues

Child vaccinations are another area that could have been discussed with the acupuncturist. Many practitioners have a list of vaccines that they recommend. So do not just use him for acupuncture treatments. Get into the habit of discussing the whole health of your child, as he is brilliant health specialist.

Source by Mike F Gill