Bratz The New Trend In Fashion?

An innovative venture in the domain of children's entertainment products, Bratz was first manufactured in 2001 as dolls for teenagers and kids in the year 2001 by the company known as MGA entertainment.

The dolls of sizes around 254 mm have as characteristic features big heads with full lips and wide eyes, alongside very minute noses; apart from smaller torsos and shoes that can be taken off and put back on.

The four major characters of the initial venture were known as Sasha, Jade, Yasmin and Cloe. The unpresented popularity of these creations and the near iconic status that they received engendered the creation of additional companions, spinoffs, movies based on them, video games and even music albums.

The toys were the brainchild of designer Carter Bryant. In the year 2000 Bryant met with Micro-Games America Entertainment CEO Mr. Isaac Larian and showed him some of the sketches conceived. Larian discovered that the drawings fascinated his daughter Jasmin who was visiting his father in his office at that point of time.

In the year 2001 the first four dolls were released for the general public each dressed up in modern attires and in a strong urban style. Bratz then quickly generated worldwide popularity. It managed to achieve the position of the number one doll in many countries including the likes of Italy, France and Spain; it also went on to become the number two toy in England and other parts of the United Kingdom.

The dolls acquired celebrity status in many parts of the world and went on to win several awards in its debut year.

The laurels that were shaved on the product soon after its launch include the 'toy of the year' from Family Fun and Peoples choice for the toy of the year from TIA.

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Source by Dixita Dutt