Home Decor Trends for 2011

The year 2011 is the best year to reinvent and redecorate your home. But in order for you to successfully do that, you need to know the latest trend in home decoration to ensure that it will stand out among the rest. If you do not have any idea with regard to the new decoration trends, read this article to discover them.

According to Minneapolis-based Marketing Directions, Inc. chairman and The Trend Curve editor, Michelle Lamb, the trends this year will likely exhibit the past's influence. So, that means your home will have a classic appeal through the colors and materials that will be used. She also added that the home decor shoppers can expect seeing accessories and furniture that combine contemporary details and classic elements as well. There will also be an evident incorporation of texture into wood, metal and fabrics. This will be the most important factor of the trend because it represents formality.

The raw looks will also be on the rise so the consumers will be able to see more stencil chairs and tables, etched wood and ceramics, patterned metals, frayed edges, tweeds, pleats and puckers. In short, the accessories that will be popular are those having primitive characteristics.

To create the perfect decor trend, there are four elements that you can incorporated on the overall home design such as the 21st century classical, vintage vibe, tribal wisdom and structure. To make them more evident at home, you can try purchasing classic clocks and lighting fixtures because they will be able to provide your home with a classic but modernized look.

Now that you have already known the home decor trends this year, you can begin shopping for the materials, decorations and furniture that you will accent your home with. Bear in mind that you need to combine classic and contemporary concepts to make sure that your home will stand out among the rest. Aside from simply considering the theme and the design of the house, you also need to put consideration into the money that you will spend because budget still counts the most. So, this assumes that you have to use your creativity and resourcefulness for you to make use of your money wisely.

This 2011, your house must be a hit by using the right home decor trends. So why start collecting the right accessories now? You will certainly be mesmerized on how your house will look.

Source by George Alex Battles