US Scholarships Are Easy to Obtain

The world around us is changing rapidly. There is a splurge in growth of resources which is also leading to more competition and hence higher choice available to companies. It’s a necessity for people to gain education abroad these days. It’s because of the immense career opportunities that education abroad can offer to you. It’s quite important that the students should select the correct university for admission in any foreign country. Apart from the high quality of universities available in US, there is financial aid easily available also. The scholarship for studying in US depends on the TOEFL score of a student. There are different criterions which are applicable for students who want US scholarships to study abroad.

There are many scholarships which are available for students here:

1) Internationalstudent.Com Travel Video Contest-The students can get amount for the prize they won in the travel video contest. Under this contest, the students can win an amount of 4000 dollars if they are able to provide the best video about their proposed international trip to this country. 4 students are eligible to win the scholarship amount of 4000 dollars in this contest. The winners are also eligible to get their own written blog on the website of The students from all the countries are eligible to participate in this scholarship contest for universities of all the countries.

2) SelfScore International Student scholarship– The other category of scholarships is SelfScore International Student scholarship. Under the scholarship, all those students are eligible who are visiting US on F1 or J1 visa. The students however need to provide a valid I20 before applying for this visa. The students should also have 3.0 GPA successively for the prior years of study. However, despite qualifying for the scholarship, students are selected on a random basis. The eligible students should also have a higher score, preferably among the best 15% scorers in exams such as SAT, GRE, GMAT etc. Almost 6 students pursuing undergraduate studies are eligible to get scholarships under this scheme and the same number applies for postgraduate students as well. The application for this scholarship is unrestricted and it’s only applicable for universities of America. The winners are eligible to receive an amount of 5,000 dollars each. The last date for the application of this scholarship is 15th December, 2016. This amount of 5000 dollars is given as a lump sum amount to the winners. You must consult a USA study visa consultancy to get proper aid in scoring a visa to this country and also availing the proper scholarship.

Source by Nancy Damon