Getting Rid of Man Boobs – A Simple Diet Plan

I write a ton of articles on the topic of "getting rid of man boobs". It's massively frustrating to see guy after guy who will not actually take my advice because it is "too complex".

The fact is that getting rid of man boobs is not rocket science. So if you feel overwhelmed, stop thinking about everything so much and try just changing one habit at a time.

Can you try doing 3 of the following on this list? (Hint: they are simple and require the least amount of effort possible)

Eating Less Carbs
Carbohydrates are not bad. And you should not avoid them completely, but a majority of people who have problems with obesity struggle to limit the amount of carbs in their diet. If you can just say no to bread and grains a few more times a day, it is one small thing that can result in getting rid of man boobs over time.

Eating More Protein
Protein is a powerful nutrient. It helps build muscle and maintain a healthy body weight. Combine this with some form of high intensity weight lifting and you can start building muscle and burn fat. Even if you do not exercise, protein is still something you can eat more of that helps burn fat.

Switching to Whole Grains
White bread and white pasta are not that good for you. When you eat these, your blood is flooded with sugar which means your body has to convert most of it to long term energy (fat). If you just love bread and pasta, try switching to whole grain bread and pastas. Whole grain does not flood your body with as much sugar compared to the white grain. Plus, I think it tastes better.

Reducing / Cutting Out Fast Food
This is a no brainer. Fast food is not "evil" (meaning you can eat some every time in a while with no harm), but eating it a lot is just generally not good for you. It is definitely not good for getting rid of man boobs.

Instead, try cutting down in small bits. If you eat 7 meals a week at McDonald's, try 6. Then 5. And so on.

Reducing / Cutting Out Pop
This is also a no brainer. Soda contains a ton of calories per serving, mostly from sugar. You're basically pouring sugar straight down your gullet. It's not helping you for getting rid of man boobs.

Same as fast food, can you just reduce the amount of pop you drink by a little bit? Do not try to go cold turkey on this one because you'll probably end up failing and then thinking that you can not ever do it. It's possible, just take small steps.

Eating Until Your "Comfortable"
If you want to lose fat around the chest area, you are going to have to eat a little bit less than you normally do. This does not mean you starve yourself. It just means you can not stuff yourself at every meal.

I hate counting calories so here's what I have found helps for "eating less" without adding up every calorie for every meal, every day. Eat until you are comfortably full. Do not think this through too much, you know how to do it. Eat until you feel like you have adequately stopped your hunger. If that is only half of the cheeseburger then wrap it up and save it for later.

It's an easy tactic that actually works.

Less Sugar
I saved "eating less sugar" for last because you'd probably hate me and would stop reading if I had put it as the first bullet point.

Sugar is a very necessary and functional part of a healthy diet. Unfortunately, sugar has crept into our diet in amounts that far surpass any benefits you get from it. And as you can see from the obesity epidemic in the US, it has waked havoc.

So, instead of avoiding all sugar forever, my only suggestion would be to see how you can have less of it. Can you switch to Splenda? Can you hold the sugar in your coffee and just have the cream? Find sugar alternatives. Doing so usually will be your biggest help for getting rid of man boobs.

Source by Glenn Clarke