Health and Wellness Tips

Health is a state of wellness and being free from all forms of illness. Health many say is wealth. It is a standing fact that without being healthy we can not carry out our daily activities properly, hence it is important that we make sure that our health is intact. Many diseases today, known or unknown affect us as a result of our carelessness and the lifestyle we live knowingly or unknowingly.

Living healthy is all about preventing diseases as far as possible that may put the health in danger as the popular saying go “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAT A CURE…” If we can put our lifestyle in check, being careful about the things we eat, drink, or any form we take things into our bodies, the environment we live, we will live a happy and healthy live. These countless health dangers around us can be avoided by playing safe. Issues like the type of water you drink, the type of food you eat, insufficient rest, your smoking or drinking habits, your size, neglecting the care of some important part of the body, misuse of drugs, and lack of exercise can pose a danger to your health.

For instance many spend a lot of cash on cola drinks, of course it is refreshing to have a cold cola drink after a stressful work and during the summer periods, but do you know that the ingredient in cola can cause you a lot of health problems like malnutrition, impede the absorption of calcium and iron in the body, cause kidney stones, cavities, obesity, and hypertension as well as insomnia, gastric ulcers, and anxiety. So as you refresh yourself with that cola drink you want to consider the health effect your routine of refreshment can cause you.

Source by Egbeni Joshua