Missing Florida soccer teen Caitlyn Frisina found in New York state

The Florida high school soccer player who left her family home silently after completely wiping clear her cell phone was found in New York with the coach of the boys soccer team at her high school on Friday evening.

As confirmed by the Columbia County Sheriff in the Tweet above, Caitlyn Frisina was found safe in New York on Friday. The Fort White (Fla.) soccer player was believed to have fled the state with Rian Rodriguez, a 27-year-old assistant coach for the boys soccer team at the same school.

While it is believed that Frisina left with the coach of her own volition, her mother told CBS News she was convinced the decision to leave the family home came after she was either misled or coerced in some way.

“I know that she to some degree left on her own. But I absolutely believe that she was lied to and totally misled,” her mother, Scarlet Frisina, told CBS News, earlier on Friday before her daughter was discovered. “Something was going on. We just don’t know what.”

Frisina’s father has been particularly distraught by the situation because he reportedly encouraged Rodriguez to apply for the open assistant coaching role at Fort White.

Now both parents can rest assured that their daughter is safe, even if there is plenty of mystery surrounding her true motivation for departing.

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