Non Carb Healthy Meals

Though you are on a diet, it is not practical to skip meals. You should eat at least 3 times a day to ensure that your weight lost management program will not have negative repercussions. To ensure that you are not sacrificing health for your weight loss, you should have a diet plan that is non carb but does not have negative effects to the body. Having a great discipline towards losing weight will definitely help, as this decides how much your body can actually lose weight and how fast the whole weight loss’ process will be.

Here are some foods that you can take on specific meals to help you out in your weight lost management. You may try these at least for a week and see if this diet program will work for you.


• Fresh or thawed frozen blueberries on cereal

• Cooked spinach

• Sliced raw mushrooms

• Eggs

• Apple Flax Muffins

• Raspberries


• Vegetable and chicken salad (mainly dark green lettuce or romaine with a little chicken)

• Tuna Walnut Salad

• Turkey sandwich on focaccia bread

• Cooked Asparagus


• Refried beans

• Creamy southwest chicken

• Lasagna

• Green salad

• Grilled steak

• A cup of green beans

• Mushroom and peppers with wine and herbs

Of course, you can also try other foods as well. The main concept is to eat foods similar to those given above and at least regulate your food intake. This diet plan comes perfectly with water therapy and can greatly help you lose weight without sacrificing your health.

Source by Mike Waldo Stevens

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